Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Must Have: Silpats

It's been too long since I've posted a "Monday Must Have." I have been out of town the past two Mondays and didn't have access to a computer and I wasn't organized enough to schedule those posts to well, post using the blogger scheduler. But enough of my excuses--let's move on with another favorite of my kitchen "must haves"--the Silpat.

This past weekend, I made fresh fruit tarts for Farmer's Market and the tart shells baked up perfectly and evenly on the Silpat. I also used them when I applied the apricot glaze (which can be sticky) and if I spilled on it, no problem--very easy to clean. (The picture above was taken before I applied the glaze).

I use my silpats every time I bake cookies, tarts, pies, galettes, french macarons and anything else that requires a sheet pan. They have saved much time from scrubbing pans that have had a juicy pie spill over with a sugary mess (you know what I'm talking about) the kind that leaks out onto the bottom of your oven and leaves a blackened mess that is a pain to clean up. Yes, you can use parchment paper or even wax paper in place of the silpat, but ever since my very first experience using them--I haven't gone back.

Here's three tips in taking care of your Silpat:

1) Wash in warm, soapy water by hand (don't put them in the dishwasher, in case they slide down on the bottom and get stuck on the heat element--that could ruin it).

*Also, I like to wash them as soon as I'm done baking with them, put them on a sheet pan and stick them in the oven that is still warm from baking. They dry out great and you don't have to have them take up valuable counter space waiting for them to dry. Just remember to remove the pan & Silpat from the oven before your next baking experience.

2) Never cut your baked good while still on the Silpat. Once slice from a sharp knife will cut through it and it can't be fixed.

3) Store them flat. I place them on the sheet pans and put them away in a drawer for my pans.


  1. Are those the fruit tarts you made for the Farmer's Market? They should've sold out in the first 20 minutes...they look YUMMY!!!

  2. Jill, you are amazing! These look incredible.

  3. Why oh Why weren't we in town for the farmer's market???? UGH!! :)

  4. Hi Jill,

    Chip has told me all about your Jillicious business and I have been busy reading your blog and looking at your website. It all looks wonderful and I hear that your desserts are fantastic. I am leaving tomorrow for San Diego but I would have loved to have seen you while I was here. Maybe next year we can get together.

    Give me best to Jenna! I was also married at the Hanson Country Inn. It was incredibly lovely. I am sure Jenna's day was just as lovely. I would love to see pictures.

    I send my best to you and yours, Darcy

  5. Some fruity scrumptious tarts you got there! Great job!

    And thanks for the tips of maintaining Silpat. Very useful! I totally love Silpat too.... never thought about going back to use the parchment paper ever since.


  6. Danny--Thanks, I know if you were here, they would have sold in the first 5 minutes. :)

    Katrina--I appreciate your comment!

    Jeanna--It was good to see you and I'm glad you liked the tart.

    Darcy--We need to catch up and next time you are in town, we'll have to get together.

    Kris--Thanks for visiting my site and I agree, you can't go back to parchment. :)

  7. Oh oh oh!
    I just love those colourful tarts!!