Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday Must Have: Favorite Citrus Gadgets & Bonus Accessory!

I love all fruits in the citrus family. Each one adds a little extra special flavor in cooking and baking. In honor of this fabulous group of fruits, I have three gadgets that I must share with you (actually two gadgets and a bonus accessory) for the Monday Must Have this week.

The Citrus Reamer

I really believe that every kitchen should have one of these handy little things. If you ever use the fresh juice from lemons, limes or oranges--this little tool is for you. Citrus reamers come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, but the simple wood one will do great.

Step 1: Cut your lemon (or other citrus) in half.

Step 2: Place the tip of the reamer in the center of the lemon and twist back and forth.

Step 3: Repeat motion into a strainer over a bowl, until all the juice has been extracted.

This next gadget is the newest member of the Jillicious Kitchen and although it's a new one, I've already used it several times. I had my eye on this tool for several months. My niece had even blogged about how much she loved hers. Every time I was in a kitchen store or on the kitchen aisle in various stores, I would look it over and think, "Maybe if it goes on sale," after all I already had a wonderful citrus reamer that I loved, so I needed to make sure it was something I would really use.

Then last week, as I was picking up some other kitchen gadgets for a gift, I found this citrus squeezer at this store--on sale for less than half of the price I usually saw in other stores! I went home and tried it out and immediately knew I had made the best purchase. My Mom loved it as well and the next day I went back to this store and bought the last five they had in stock (sorry for those of you in the Corvallis area, but I'm sure they will order more in soon), to keep on hand for gifts for friends.

The Citrus Squeezer

Step 1: Cut the lemon in half.

Step 2: Place the cut side of the lemon face down in the squeezer.

Step 3: Position the top half of the tool over the face down lemon.

Step 4: Press the top half of the tool down onto the lemon until all the juice has been extracted.

*After pressing the juice from the lemon, your lemon peel will look like this:

The final part of this post is a little something I had to share because I think they are just too dang cute! Meet the Lemon Stretch Wraps or as I like to call them--Lemon Shower Caps.

Lemon Stretch Wraps (aka Lemon Shower Caps)

I use lemons in baking and cooking, but also with my meals. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is great on broccoli, fish, chicken, grilled vegetables, and so much more. The reason I love these little caps, is because you can have lemon juice quickly and without the hassle of worrying about where the seeds might land.

Step 1: Cut your lemon in half.
Step 2: Place the lemon "shower cap" over the cut lemon.
Step 3: Squeeze onto your favorite meat or vegetable.

*The best part of using these handy caps is this-- if you don't need all the juice from the lemon half, keep the cap on the lemon and place in a sandwich bag and keep in your refrigerator for later use.

It's been a busy week so far, filled with canning, canning and more canning. Recipes and canning process information is coming soon!


  1. Great gadgets this week...the shower caps are simple yet totally functional!

  2. Wow. Great info. Who knew they made lemon shower caps?!

  3. Those little lemon caps are such a great idea! I'll have to look for them :)

  4. That second tool is quite interesting!
    I think I would have used it the other way round, and discarded it after the first use, though, if you didn't write this!

  5. Threads: I'm glad you enjoyed the gadgets! :)

    Jeff: Cool, isn't it? :)

    Kerstin: You can find them at most culinary stores, including Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    Anna: I almost did it the other way around, but I love reading directions with anything new, so I was glad I did. :)

  6. I love those gadgets! I've never seen lemon wraps before...

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


  7. I just found your blog while searching for lemon cukes......I have so many...and see you are here in the great PNW. :) Hi neighbor! You have so many great recipes that I have to try. Thank you, I think. ;)

  8. The shower caps are fantastic! Love it :)

  9. Rosa: They are really handy!

    Judy: Thanks for stopping by, neighbor! :) Next week, I'll have a great canning recipe for lemon cucumbers. :)

    Bakergirl: They really are fantastic!

  10. OMG! The lemon shower caps are just so cute!!! Thanks for sharing! BTW, I've just received my coconut grater gadget. Will have to share about it when I get the chance! ;)

  11. This tool is so useful! I had one, but it broke! =(

  12. Jenny: How exciting--those graters are the best! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Talita: Bummer, you'll have to get a new one. :)

  13. The shower caps are cute, but why not just put the lemons on a dessert plate instead?

  14. Anonymous: You totally could put the lemons on a dessert plate. These are just some fun and functional little accessories that I think are really cute and handy. :)