Friday, October 9, 2009

October is the Month of Birthdays

It's all about the birthday cakes this month. Most of the orders for October so far have been birthday cakes. A favorite cake design that many people love to order is the Gift Cake. I think that the idea of cake all wrapped up like a present is very appealing (like getting two for the price of one). I have to admit, it is one of my favorites to make and today's might be my favorite to date. The client ordered it for her friends that were both turning 50 and there was a surprise party being given for them.

She wanted the colors from the invitation to be incorporated in the design on the cake, so we decided on making the main color the apple green from the invitation.

I colored the fondant into the three colors; apple green, sky blue and navy blue and then cut out various sizes of circles.

Since the colors were bright and cheery, I wanted to only add small accents of black and that was in the slightly pearlized black sugar pearl details.

Around the base, I added the three colors (apple green, sky blue & navy blue) to accent the piping with sugar pearls colored to match the fondant circles.

I choose the gold cake board, since it was a nice contrast to the colors and because the recipient's were turning 50, which is usually denoted as the "golden years."

Gift Cake Details:

12-inch square cake is a Dark Chocolate Cake w/White Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling & Vanilla Buttercream Icing.

Last, but not least, here's a little shout out to my sister who also has a birthday today--Happy Birthday Sandi Rae!! I hope you have a great one!


  1. WOW!!! That cake is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it and I am so IMPRESSED by your FABULOUS skills and talent. I have to say the BOW on the cake looks SO real! BRAVO!!!!! FABULOUS!!!

  2. Every time I see one of your cakes, they're gorgeous! This is no exception - Beautiful job =D.

  3. Great job! I have made a similar cake for a baby shower using chocolate plastic and cutting circles, brown, white and two shadows of pink. I didn't make a bow though!

    I need to practice my writing. I always use cursive but it is more difficult, your letters look clean and simple.

  4. Love the colors, love the dots, Love the cake!!!

  5. What a fun cake! And your bow! It looks SO GOOD! I can't even make a ribbon! :( I really hope I can take some classes.
    BTW, I have AT LEAST 8 friends, actually 7, one of the 8 is my son, whose birthday falls in October!!! ;)

  6. Heather: Thanks so much!! I think making the bow is my favorite part. :)

    Lauren: Thanks!

    Laura: I've found that I do better in printing than writing in curseive too--so I decided to just stay with what I'm more comfortable with.

    Sue: Thanks!

    Jenny: See, October is the BEST month! :)

  7. Jill, you did it again. Another stunning cake!


  8. Lovely cakes! You are very talented! :)

  9. Wonderful! I love the details and cannot believe how perfect your printing for the tag is!

  10. Oh, you're right, that's a perfect birthday cake. Very cute!

  11. Kris: Thanks!

    Msmeanie: Thank you very much! :)

    Sterling: I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Jacque: Thanks!

  12. Adorable cake: simple and elegant, yet fun color combo!