Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Must Have: Book List for 2010

One of my 2010 New Year's Resolutions is to take time to read more food books.

Let me explain what I mean by food books. Of course cookbooks are always something that I think one can never have too many of (and believe me, I test this theory every chance I get), but I'm referring to books that are written about food, the history of food, people's experiences with food or in the food industry, food from different cultures or food theme novels, and so on.

I received several fascinating books from my sister for Christmas, that I'm dying to read and have already started (THANK YOU again sis!!) and that inspired me to create a themed book list for 2010.

So here is the Monday Must Have challenge for you; whatever your reading interests are (food, biographies, mystery, drama, fiction, non-fiction, etc.), to compile a list of books that you want to read by the end of the year.

I've started a list of books already on my shelf. Started is the key word, this is the beginning of my 2010 list that I will continue to add to during the year. And to hold myself a little more accountable, when I've finished the book, I will post a summary and my thoughts about the book and list them over on the side bar under the title, 2010 Book List.

Jill's 2010 Book List (so far):

1) My Life in France [by Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme] *I started this before the holidays and I need to finish it this month.

2) The Art of Eating [by M.F.K. Fisher]
*This is a compilation of five of her books:
Serve it Forth
Consider the Oyster
How to Cook a Wolf
The Gastronomical Me
An Alphabet for Gourmets

3) Pomegranate Soup [by Marsha Mehran]

4) Rosewater and Soda Bread [by Marsha Mehran]

5) Tender at the Bone [by Ruth Reichl]

6) Comfort Me with Apples [by Ruth Reichl]

7) If You Can Stand the Heat [by Dawn Davis]

8) The Food of Italy [by Waverly Root] *This is a second read--I first read it in culinary school five years ago and I think it would be interesting to see what more I get out of it now.

9) Blue Trout and Black Truffles [by Joseph Wechsberg]

10) Roast Chicken and Other Stories [by Simon Hopkinson with Lindsey Bareham]

I'd love to know what books you are looking forward to reading in 2010 and of course recommendations are ALWAYS welcome!


  1. Jill, a fantastic list. I've only read one of the books you mention above (My Life in France - fantastic!), and have been wanting to read a few of the others you listed. I think it's a great idea to have a list. I love lists. Always something to work towards! I may have to do that this weekend. :)

  2. I am reading #1 too, and I have #2 as well which I started reading but quickly became bored :o(

    I read garlic and sapphires by Ruth Reichl and it is a fun read as well.

    Someone told me about the book the sharper your knife the less you cry, apparently a great read.


  3. Great idea! The list thing is cool...I like reading anything but thrilling fiction books and inspiring biz/life books are my favorite.

  4. I highly recommend 1, 2, 5, and 6. Also Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires is very good. I read way too many food books. Have you read Spiced yet? It's about a pastry chef. And I loved Under the Table - about a woman in culinary school. I'm in the middle of I Loved, I Lost, I made Spaghetti. (Recently finished A Homemade Life.) My list would have to be to get through all the food books I have! I also read most of my cookbooks cover to cover and am in the middle of The Flavor Bible right now.

  5. Jill, I have read "My Life in France" and really enjoyed it! I will have to read some on your list, and even some left in your comments section:) Aloha from Hawaii, Sue

  6. What a wonderful list. Thank goodness for Amazon-otherwise I would be stranded here in Belgium. These are going on my list. I checked my bookshelves and found a very old copy of one of my favorites: James Beard's 'Delights and Prejudices'. It's been on my shelf since 1982. It's probably time to re-read it!

  7. Sounds like a great list. I like the distinction between food books and cook books. I have heard good things about Eat Love Pray, but I am not sure if it counts as a food book. Might be worthwhile though!

  8. Jill, have a great New Year. My plan in 2010 is to read.....anything :-) I have 3 kids, a blog, work full time, cook most weekends, love photos.....I'll rad headlines and road signs, my bible and cook books...and blogs of course.

  9. Jill, I finally got around to accepting the award you gave me in November. Thanks a bazillion!

  10. I hadn't heard of either of the books you listed by Mehran so I'd love to try those out. If you find the time, add in the Micheal Ruhlman books, "Making of a Chef", "Soul of a Chef" and "Reach of a Chef".

  11. Your list looks fantastif. Can't recomment you any of them cause I have read none. My list involves: The Professional Chef by The Culinary Institute of America, Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Essentials, and Bread Baking Apprentice.

    Will get my hands on "My Life in France" soon. Happy reading!!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  12. Hi Jill, I haven't been stopping by for awhile! :) Those list books looks interesting. I've been reading mystery books! But am interested in My Life in France...esp after watching Julie and Julia! :) My current book to read is the Grand Central Baking Book...itching to try some recipes in there.

  13. I am jealous of the list you have, my list is full of must reads for school and books for classes that I teach. I'll stop back and see which ones you enjoyed most and squeeze in time for the best!

  14. The School of Essential Ingredients, A Homemade Life, Too Many Cooks...those are all really good books!

  15. I loved the book The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love by Michelle Maisto - Great book!

  16. Great reading list! I have a kazillion books on my reading list at the moment, but I'm definitely adding some of these to my list as well.

  17. Thanks for all the great book suggestions--I've written them down and will continue to add them to my book shelf! :)

  18. Great post with fabulous book suggestions...these are fabulous! Have a great weekend!