Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Must Have: Fat Daddio Tart Pans

Happy Monday!  After way too long a bit of time off from posting, I'm back with an AWESOME Monday Must Have--the Fat Daddio Oblong Tart Pan

Lately I have found that this tart pan is the perfect choice for summer fruit tarts and since it is finally showing signs of summer weather here in Oregon, I have plans to use this pan many times over the next couple of months.

You may remember seeing this fabulous pan from this post that showed a beautiful golden brown Gâteau Breton (pictured again for your viewing pleasure) from that first time using these AWESOME pans. 

Let me share FIVE reasons why I love this pan and how it made the Monday Must Have list:

1)  Unique tart pan shape--love, love, LOVE this shape.  I think any dessert looks great in this shape and even after the tart is cut into pieces, it still looks pretty.

2)  The Fat Daddio brand--this is a great brand and many of my professional bake ware (cake pans) have stood the test of time.

3)  The pans wash easily and the wear and tear on them is minimal.

4)  Easy dessert removal--even with all the fluted/grooved edges, the tarts or cakes come away from the pan easily, keeping the dessert intact.

5) Reasonable price point--I actually paid a few dollars more from a local shop, but I have since found them on for less. 

One last thought...

If you are thinking about buying one of these pans, I'd highly recommend buying two--because most tart recipes will yield two of these tart pans and then you will have an extra tart on hand, because the first one will be eaten quickly!

 Tart Details:
~ Fresh Raspberry Tart w/Lemon Cream Cheese Filling w/Flaky Pastry Crust.


  1. Tart pans always make me dream of living in Provence!

  2. I have a tart pan like this and yes, I need two! The thing I love about yours is the turned down edge so you don't cut yourself on the sharp top edge! Very clever!

  3. yummy tart! that's the tin shape that i don't have..i always wonder what i can do with it..

  4. Well, I will wait til next Monday and do it immediately - fabulous!

  5. Jill,
    Your tart looks beautiful! I need to get these tart pans! I love raspberries and these look so plump and delicious! Glad to see a post:)

  6. I got 2 of these pans from WS, and I LOVE them!! :)

  7. I own, use and love-love-love my removal bottom cheesecake pans by Fat Daddio!!!

  8. wow!!! I have to buy one of this pan with removal bottom ....NICE!!! Only a question: the brand is Fat Daddio? I save this blog I really like :-)
    If you want visit me my blog is: (is in Italian but don't worry there's the translator!)

  9. Me too! I've been looking for this tart pan. I think it's going to be my next favorite thing...

  10. I COVET these pans, haven't heard of that brand though, thanks for the link to Amazon!