Monday, July 19, 2010

Three Purple Wedding Cakes

This past weekend, I created my third purple-themed wedding cake in a row.  I always find it interesting when brides who don't know each other pick a couple of features that on paper sound the same, but when the wedding cake is created, how different they all can be.  Purple was one of the common threads of each wedding cake and also, each bride wanted sugar pearls in the shape of flowers on each of their cakes, using the main color of purple with their respective other color choices. 

Since this was the most recent wedding cake, I'll start with this one and work back to June with the other purple wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake #3

Silver & Purple Wedding Cake
Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Outdoor Wedding in Nashville/Summit, Oregon

The cake topper was the bride and grooms first name initials.  I love the simplicity of the topper and by having the flowers on the bottom tier, it allowed the topper to have the focus on the top tier.

A few close-up shots of the cake details with the silver and purple sugar pearls and flowers...(I just love how smooth the fondant looks on this cake!)

Silver & Purple Wedding Cake Details:

Top tier [8-inch round]:  Coconut-Macadamia Nut Hawaiian Cake w/Coconut Buttercream Filling
Bottom tier [12-inch round]:  Classic White-Vanilla Cake w/Raspberry Filling

Decorations:  White Fondant Icing w/sugar pearl details, royal icing piping and fresh flowers.

*Serves = 80 guests

Wedding Cake #2

This next wedding cake was also a two-tiered, purple themed cake.  Of the three wedding cakes, this was the only buttercream frosted cake.  Both types of icing (fondant & buttercream) create different looks, even though both have a smooth texture on the cake. 

Romantic Purple Floral Wedding Cake
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Beazell Memorial Forest - Kings Valley, Oregon

The two main colors of this wedding was dark purple and forest green--the accent colors on the cake.  There were several varieties of flowers that were used for the decorations on this cake, and the varying shades of purple, give this wedding cake a more romantic look.

The piping around the base gives a nice ruffled look, which goes so well with the overall romantic theme of this cake.

Romantic Purple Floral Wedding Cake Details:

Both the top tier [6-inch round] and the bottom tier [10-inch round] had the same flavors; Carrot Cake w/White Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling & Vanilla Buttercream Icing.

*Serves = 50 guests

Wedding Cake #1

Here is the first cake that started the purple wedding cake theme for the summer; the Royal Purple Flower Wedding Cake.

Royal Purple Flower Wedding Cake
Saturday, June 19th, 2010
Beazell Memorial Forest - Kings Valley, Oregon

The accent color to the royal purple was lime green and since it was used in small amounts, it didn't compete with the purple, but rather enhanced it as a bright accent color.

The cake was decorated with fresh-cut local flowers in varying hues of royal purple and tied all the decorations together.

Royal Purple Flower Wedding Cake Details:

Top tier [6-inch round]:  Dark Chocolate Cake w/Caramel Buttercream Filling
Middle tier [9-inch round]:  Classic White-Vanilla Cake w/Raspberry Filling
Bottom tier [12-inch round]:  Dark Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cake w/White Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling

*Serves = 100 guests

As you can see, although all three wedding cakes had the color purple in common, all three were very different and were created special for each bride on her wedding day. 

Congratulations to all three couples!


  1. Good job done!
    I will bake a wedding cake myself in fall for friends. I would be very interested how you are baking a wedding cake and how's your procedure plan for that. I want to make something with chocolate and raspberries and also cover the cake with chocolate.

  2. Three purple cakes...three royally beautiful favorite was wedding cake #3...simple but elegant! Kudos to you!

  3. I know you're very busy, so it's good to see a post from you!
    None of these cakes could be any more beautiful! The purple just pops out from the clean stark white, and they all look perfectly SMOOTH! Gorgeous, Jill!

  4. Wow, that's A LOT of purple!! :) They ALL look fabulous Jill. I've been neglecting my blog. :P

  5. soo pretty! All the 3 purple cakes looks fab!

  6. Beautiful cakes! You are very talented.

  7. Clean lines, georgous color and such talent!!!

  8. Jill--You're right--the first cake presented is the best fondant work that you've done to this point--it looks AMAZING!!! You know how much I LOVE purple, so was thrilled to see these three beautiful cakes--great presentation!

  9. There all stunning, but my favorite is #2. Gorgeous!!


  10. Lovely! Is that a real ribbon or a fondant ribbon?

  11. What a gorgeous cake, bedecked with royal purple. Well done

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  13. I was browsing at wedding cake pics online and your site caught my eye. THE BEST LOOKING PURPLE WEDDING CAKES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! Purple is my favorite color!! :-) I can't wait to see more!!

  14. lovely cakes the best I've ever seen

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  16. Wow, these three purple wedding cakes are just so gorgeous. This color scheme is always my favorite. You know we also had an awesome purple and white themed wedding ceremony party in the last year at one of the best wedding venues. The cake design was also very unique as well as tasty.