Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Must Have: The Palette Knife

The palette knife isn't really a true knife. In fact, the palette knife wasn't originally made for kitchen work, but rather for artists to mix paints and apply them to a canvas. But some of the best tools have come from other professions and have been adopted into the culinary field.

Remember this Monday Must Have? Another great example of a tool that made the cross over to the kitchen.

In my drawers of many kitchen tools, I have nearly a dozen palette knives in several different sizes as part of my collection. These are some of the handiest kitchen gadgets around. I use them daily; for icing cakes, cupcakes, lifting small pastries, lifting cakes for stacking and many other baking projects.

Here are a few of my favorite sizes:

The largest one in the above picture is my favorite size. I use it on almost every cake size that I frost and because of the straight "blade" it allows me to get my icing super smooth and if it's a square cake, it helps create straight and even corners too, which was really helpful on this wedding cake I made last weekend.

The angled palette knife (a cousin to the regular palette knife) is called an off-set spatula and many of the same baking and decorating can be accomplished with either one. But the off-set spatula is a great tool for spreading batter for cakes and jelly rolls, and fillings evenly.

These are just a few of the tasks made easier during my day, thanks to these handy artist/baker tools.
Do you have a palette knife or off-set spatula in your kitchen tool collection? If so, I'd love know how this great tool has made your life easier in the kitchen.


  1. I'm the proud owner of a big off-set spatula, and it's my best friend!
    Since it came here, the times of bumping and shaking the mold before baking are over.
    And spreading creams and jams is a breeze.
    Oh, and separating the cake or pie from the mold's bottom is so easier whit that.
    I feel the need to buy a small one, that will probably be my next buy.

  2. Beautiful cake! I love square cakes and tiny dots ; ) Wish I had a few more sizes of off-set spatulas than the two I have. They come in so handy!

  3. I will add this to my list of things to buy....

  4. Decorating cakes is an art form so it's not hard to believe that the palette knife was originally made for artists. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, you have such a nice selection! I only have one, and am forever cursing it for being a plain flat one, not offset. Someday I'll actually remember to get a new one... But for now, I'll just keep on dragging my knuckles through the frosting, I suppose!

  6. I LOVE them too!!! I too have a couple of them! :)

  7. Anna: I just knew you would have one in your kitchen! :)

    Kelly: That wedding cake was a simple looking one, but the bride loved it and I was happy to hear that. Several off-sets are so handy, I agree.

    Jeff: Smart boy. ;)

    Danny: You are welcome! :)

    Hannah: Thanks! I've been collecting them for several years--they just seem to continue to multiply. :)

    Jenny: Me too!! By the way, I was up in your neck of the woods today--we should really get together for lunch sometime.

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