Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Must Have: The Scoop

In honor of Labor Day, the Monday Must Have is a great kitchen gadget to make your "baking labors" a little easier (and yes, my lame pun was intended). This tool is one that I use often when I make cookies, cupcakes (both mini & regular size), muffins and mini cheesecakes. It is so handy with any of these types of batter or doughs.

Although, there are many sizes available, I have three different scoop sizes that I have found to be handy, but I often look at the other sizes at restaurant or kitchen supply stores and I may be adding to my kitchen gadget collection very soon.

*Side note: Don't you love perusing kitchen stores and seeing all the shiny gadgets? I swear they call me by name sometimes and I just have to purchase one or two and add them to my collection.

The scoop sizes I own and use often are these: the large is a #20 scoop, the medium is a #40 scoop and the small is a #70 scoop, which I use for several desserts. The size refers to the number of scoops obtained from 1 quart (#20 = 20 scoops/quart). Each size works for different types of desserts, but the one thing they all have in common is that I can be sure that each dessert is equal in size and weight.

For those of you that may not think these are anything special and that a spoon or measuring cup could do the same thing, these scoops also have a spring release, so each cookie or cupcake batter is released all at once and you don't have to scrape the extras out--which really saves time if you are making a lot of desserts.

If you don't have one of these, but are thinking about getting one, I'd start with the #40 scoop--it works great for cookies and regular size cupcakes. If you already have one, I'd love to hear why you like it and what food preparations you use it for.


  1. I can't live without my scoops! The smallest is a teaspoon size I believe, I scoop the mexican wedding cookies into tiny morsels since I love small cookies.

    Yes, they are a must.

  2. I just broke the spring in mine... now I have to go and buy another one!
    I'm not sure I ever saw the little one.

  3. Finally a gadget that I'm familiar with and that I actually use! Yea! I feel so legit!

  4. Laura: I agree, the small scoop is perfect for those types of cookies and it's a must! :)

    Anna: Bummer about your scoop--yes, get a new one. :)

    Jeff: I'm so glad that you have this gadget--welcome! :)

  5. Thanks for the scoops! The chinese in me tries to use 2 spoons to do the job!

  6. Jill, I have several of these, and let me tell, wouldn't be able to live without 'em! Perfect scoops for cookies, as you said, and sorbets, ice creams, for plating ad infinitum! Also, you have to keep me OUT of kitchen stores or departments, as I would empty my bank account. I can never 'just look'!

  7. Jill, what a ding bat I am. I kind of lost track of both of your blogs and haven't been reading BOTH of them! Duh!! Anyway, Jeff told me about the great estate sale and all the parchment you got! sweet.

    I love the scoop, too. Unfortunately I am so cheap I buy some cheapo version at walmart and it breaks. I need to get several scoops from a decent kitchen store! :)

  8. Danny: You always crack me up! :)

    Lisa: I know what you mean--I have to just go the other way, if I'm feeling tempted to not hang onto my money. Once I walk into a kitchen store, it's all over for me! :)

    Jeanna: I can't believe how much great stuff I got at that estate sale. Luckily, parchment paper and cake boxes weren't on other people's radar of important items to snatch up.

    Those scoops aren't too expensive--check at B,B,& B--they may have something good.

  9. I agree, i have about 6 different sizes and use them for everything but ice cream. they are so awesome.

  10. Hotmamao3: I agree! They are awesome! :)