Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

One of the cake orders I had over this past weekend included this sweet baby shower cake for a baby boy who will be named Wyatt.  They requested that the cake be done in soft blues and yellows and have elephants and giraffes on it.

I think making fondant elephants are one of my favorites to make--they are just too darn cute!

But then I finished the giraffes and decided that they too are very cute.  Everything on the cake was edible, even the eyes, which were drawn on with a food marker.

The other details are fondant circles and pale blue and yellow sugar pearls.  I also added some ABC blocks that I thought added another special touch to this fun cake.  This cake will definitely be added to my portfolio on the Jillicious Desserts website.

Baby Shower Cake Details:
Dark Chocolate Cake w/Caramel Buttercream Filling & Vanilla Buttercream Icing [10-inch round cake]


  1. I'm sure the client was thrilled with the cake! The decorations are FAB!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Bravo!


  3. That's such a cute cake, Jill!!! :)

  4. Adorable! You are so talented. The flavors sound delicious.

  5. The animals are so cute, Jill! I love the teeny blocks too! Beautiful job!

  6. Lovely! I presume you mean "sugar pearls" rather than "sugar pears."

  7. Threads: Thanks! I'm glad you thought it was FAB! :)

    ButterYum: Thank you!

    Jenny: Thanks! :)

    Vicki: Thank you--I like these flavors too.

    Sue: Thank you so much!

    Azure: Thank you and also thanks for catching my spelling error--I totally missed that! And yes they are sugar pearls..lol. :) It's now fixed.

  8. This is soo cute!! the animals are so well molded! Great work!

  9. This cake is pure tenderness. Your elephants and giraffes are simply adorable.
    It's always a pleasure watchng your jobs. Big hug dear.

  10. I love it !! Great decoration ! Ciao !

  11. Brava! The little creatures are adorable. I bet your clients was really thrilled.

  12. Jill, The cake is absolutely precious! I love it.
    The little elephants and giraffes are charming.
    The cake sounds yummy delicious too! I always like the sound of caramel buttercream and dark chocolate cake. Did you use RLB recipe for the caramel buttercream?

  13. I'm totally in love with the elephants... its my thing.. tiny, itzy-bitzy elephants... what an adorable cake!

  14. Very cute Jill. Love the animals!

  15. What delightful little animals! Your customers must be thrilled!

  16. Faithy the baker: Thanks!

    Fabi: Thank you!

    Natalia: Thank you so much!

    Laura: They really liked it. :)

    Melinda: Thank you so much! I didn't use the RLB recipe, although I'm sure that one is fabulous! I used a swiss buttercream formula for the caramel filling.

    Monica: Thanks--the elephants are my fav too.

    Msmeanie: Thanks!

    Blase: Thank you!

    Ann: Thanks!

    Marcellina: Thanks--I think they were. :)