Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Last Monday, as part of the Monday Must Have, I said that someone would be chosen to receive their very own Fluted Pastry Wheel and a package of Lemon Stretch Wraps.  I numbered each entry on a piece of paper, folded them up and tossed them in a kitchen bowl (yes, of course it was a kitchen bowl) and pulled out lucky number 6!!

Congratulations to Monica of Sweetbites!! 

P.S.  I have had several requests to post more pictures of cakes, so I have listened and I am happy to share.  This was the birthday cake I made for my Mom last month.  The cake details are listed below:

*Lemon Chiffon Cake [layered w/whipped cream & sliced strawberries; frosted with sweetened whipped cream and decorated with fresh strawberries and white chocolate curls; top tier = 4-inch round, bottom tier = 6-inch round.]


  1. I bet your mom was so delighted with her cake. What a wonderful gift.

  2. Spectacular! I can't wait to see more of your cakes.

  3. ummmmm.....YUMMMY!

  4. Barbara: She did enjoy it & so did I! :)

    Vicki: Thanks!

    Jacobi: It was and thanks! :)

  5. Your mom's cake is GORGEOUS! Love the pale blue with the strawberries:) Sounds delicious!

  6. Oh Jill, that's a beautiful cake!!! :)

  7. Sue: I can't take credit for the pale blue color, other than the lighting wasn't the best when I took the picture...LOL! :)

    Jenny: Thank you!

  8. This type of kitchenware are really rare. I'm glad to see your creation!

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