Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Must (Have) Make: Homemade Fruit Syrups

Last week during the early hours of the morning, I was baking some dessert orders and when I looked out the kitchen window, I saw this beautiful sunrise! I quickly grabbed my camera and was able to capture a few pictures of a foggy, yet lovely sunrise.

With the fall season upon us, comfort foods seem to be very appealing and well, yes comforting. One of the things I love to make for dinner, is breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast, omelets, pancakes, and my favorite Belgian waffles. And what is a delicious topping? Homemade fruit syrups!

Last week, we canned over 40 quarts of grape juice (oh yes, I will be posting about the "fruits of our labors"--don't you just love a good pun?) and to make some room in our freezer for a meat order arriving soon, we decided to juice the frozen cherries we put up last year. Black cherries make a wonderful juice and a tasty syrup. Although we used a juicer/steamer to extract the juices, if you don't own one, you can still make syrup and it's very easy to make.

Cherry Syrup
Adapted from So Easy to Preserve, pg. 225

Yields = About 3 pints

3 cups prepared cherry juice
3 cups sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
3 Tbsp. lemon juice

To Extract Juice
If you own a juicer/steamer, this is a great way to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. If you don't own one, here is a link that explains how to extract juices using a saucepan.

To Make Syrup
1) Sterilize canning jars. Combine ingredients in a saucepan.
2) Bring to a rolling boil and boil one minute. Remove from heat and skim off foam.
3) Pour into hot half-pint jars, leaving 1/4-inch headspace. Wipe jar rims and adjust lids.
4) Process 10 minutes in a Boiling Water Bath.
*If you will be using syrup right away, you don't need to process in a water bath. When the syrup is cool, store in the refrigerator.


  1. I have been behind too!

    Trader Joe's used to have the most delicious berry juices, not like a jam, more liquid and awesome. I guess I should do my own, you certainly inspired me.

  2. Miraculously enough, I actually helped my neighbor "put up" some apples this week! Unbelievable, I know. But If I lived at Chateau Jill, I'd help can every single day if it meant I'd get some of the tasty stuff you are always "putting up" on this blog! :)

  3. Yum! I haven't tried a cherry syrup, but I will never forget a raspberry one I made awhile ago. This sounds like an awesome way to start the morning =D.

  4. When it comes to syrup, jam, and canned fruits.... you are the queen, Jill!


  5. Can't decide what is better ... the gorgeous sunset or the cherry syrup.

  6. We never have (and never will) cover any type of preserving at school and, alas, I do wish we had. I'm dying to learn and don't know anyone who does this. I'll have to find me a class (as if all day at culinary school was not enough!).

    Beautiful color your syrup - like a jewel.


  7. Laura: It's always a bummer when Trader Joes stops carrying things like that. But I know you'll do a great job making your own. :)

    Jeanna: Chateau Jill--I love it! I'm so impressed to hear that you helped put up apples--good job! :)

    Lauren: I agree, start the morning, middle of the day, end of day--I'm always ready for waffles anytime. :)

    Kris: Thanks!

    Cate: Thanks for your comment.

    CookingSchool: We didn't cover any type of preserving at school either. I just grew up with a Mom who knew how to do these things, so I learned over the years.

    If you want to get a great book, I suggest "So Easy To Preserve"--I've written a few posts about this book and some canning techniques. Just click on the canning or book label and I've got some pictures and step-by-step directions.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. Hey everyone!!!
    Has anyone tried sugar cane juice?
    It's really really good for the body...
    It can also cure cancer too!!!
    Try some, It's one of my favourite drinks...
    Happy drinking!!!
    *Sugar cane in Brazil are the best!!!

  9. what does the corn syrup do for this? a new comer at making syrup